Allocations and XBOX360 performance?

Sep 24, 2010 at 11:27 AM


Was interested in maybe incorporating your lib into the second XBLIG project that I'm embarking on at the moment and was just having a quick look at the code.

I have a quick question on performance - I noticed in at least a couple of places that there seemed to be allocations inside the pathfinding algorithms (there's a call of ToArray on a generic list and also I noted that you'd used delegates and events (which I appreciate that if I don't personally subscribe to, won't be an issue but without following up dependencies I wasn't sure if some other part of the lib was subscribing tbh) - I wondered if you had any performance info when the lib is incorporated into xbox360 code as my experience makes me nervous of using a lib that would be making allocations inside the main gameplay loop.

Any feedback would be most welcome.